Grid IT Solutions has always believed in retaining customer relationships and just not in dispersion of its services. Therefore for their comfort and convenience, a very customer friendly refund policy has been generated by the management.

  • All cancellations done due to any reason would be considered if they are made within the time frame of 12 hours from the time of ordering. However, we must specify that any refund request will not be entertained in case the orders have been already been conveyed to the vendors, suppliers or retailers and the process of manufacturing or supplying them has already started.
  • No cancellations will be entertained on the day of delivery.
  • No cancellations will be accepted for those particular products or services which are on sale for special occasions or have special offers attached to them. This includes festivals like Christmas, New year, Thanks Giving etc.
  • Our refund policy will not allow any return of the money paid against the product even within the 12 hour clock time. The money paid for the product can be compensated with any other product of that value. In case a higher value product or service is bought, the balance will be payable by the customer. All this can be done within 90 days from the purchase of the product.
  • Any lacunae in the quality of service given because of perception given by a third party in the form of content, image, hosting etc. is going to be totally non accountable matter. Grid IT Solutions will not be responsible for any such event. All the standard charges of the company shall apply in case of any association or joint venture with a third party.
  • In case, after the delivery of the product or the service to you, you feel that you have not received the product or the service in accordance with what was shown or promised to you on the website, you must bring in the problem or the concern to the attention of the customer care department of the company within 24 hours. Customer Care shall look into the matter and do what best can be done depending on the situation.
  • No money back policy is followed by the company at any point of time. We offer only compensations for some other relevant product or service from our list.
  • As far as the Search Engine Optimization Services are concerned, we make sure to streamline the payment option for our customers so that they can test our services first and then go ahead with our services. We are confident enough of our work culture and performance of the employees, therefore we keep the transaction phase of the project very transparent and reliable so that you trust first and pay later. However, due to the nature of the business, Grid IT Solutions does not confirm any sales or traffic on your official website. Your next payment only affirms your satisfaction with our services delivered to you.