Grid IT Solutions has created this privacy policy statement to demonstrate our concrete commitment to privacy. The following paragraphs disclose our information collecting and diffusion practices for the website: We use the client’s IP address to help diagnose errors with our server and to administer it further, it is also used to gather broad demographic information.

Grid IT Solutions site’s registration form should be filled with the following details;

  • Name and email address,
  • Zip code, age or income level, etc.

This information is used to contact the visitor when it is needed. Users may exercise their right to waver receiving future mails. The demographic and profile data collected at our site enables us to enhance the visitor’s experience at our site. We at Grid IT Solutions direct them to the content we find would interest them the most and displaying such content according to their preferences.

As we also contain links to other sites, we are hence not responsible for the content and privacy practices of those sites that these links lead to.

Grid IT Solutions can be requested to provide with products, services and information through a simple formality which is an online filling of the request form which is available to every user. Contact information collected from that order form is used to send orders and provide information to our customers.

We also undertake online surveys and inquire visitors for their contact information as well as demographic information, and then this collected data is used to establish links with them and send them necessary information and facts about our company.

We at Grid IT Solution run contests on our website in which all the visitors are asked to submit their for contact information (like their email address) and their demographic information (like their zip code, age or income level). We utilize this collected contact data from those contests to send users the desired information about our company. The customer’s contact information is not disclosed to anyone and is very useful to establish contact with them as and when required by the company.

Users have the full right to opt-out of receiving such future mails or notifications form our company. Demographic and profile data is also needed by us, thus it is also collected at our site. We use this data so that the experience of our visitors can be tailored and enriched, showing them content that they might be inclined to see in and abiding by their preferences when it comes to display.

Children’s Guidelines

  • We do NOT collect any online information of minors without prior parental consent or parental notification. Parents have the absolute right to prevent the use of any information and participation in this activity. Without prior consent of the parents online information collected will only be used to respond directly to the child’s request and will not be used for any other purposes.
  • Any offline contact information which is personally identifiable will not be collected without prior parental consent.
  • Any personally identifiable information collected by us will NOT be distributed to third parties without prior parental consent.
  • We do NOT give the ability to anybody to either publicly post or otherwise distribute the so collected personally identifiable information without prior parental consent.
  • We do NOT entice children by the prospect of a special game or trip or prize of the like or any other activity to divulge more information than is required to participate in the activity.